the Alfond Youth Center is working hard to keep kids fed in the greater Waterville area. Let's face it, we have a lot of neighbors and community members that are food insecure and the more that we come together to help combat that, the better and healthier of a state we'll be.

The center is currently serving free afternoon meals at five different locations. They include: The Alfond Youth Center, North End Boys & Girls Club, South End Teen Center, Common Street Arts and Atwood Primary School.

Alfond Youth Center kitchen manager, Shawn Forkey said, "Our mission is to make sure the youth is well taken care of and that they have some sort of foundation in their life. And for most of these children, this is their last meal of the day. If they don't have us to come to, if they don't have one of our off-site accounts to come to, they might not get fed again after they leave school."

Maine is fortunate to have the free and reduced lunch programs available to low-income Mainers, though programs like what the AYCC is doing certainly help supplement meals that children may not otherwise have gotten that day after school.

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