A man and his friends were recently attacked and injured while at Auburn, Maine's Bonney Park according to WGME 13.

Ben Stewart, of Auburn, Maine, told police that he and his friends were attacked by a group of people on Monday night. Stewart said that the attack on the friends group was apparently unprovoked.

WGME reports that Stewart wasn't the only one that was attacked. His two friends that were with him were also targeted by the seemingly random act of violence.

Stewart told WGME 13,

"It lasted like 10 minutes. They wouldn't let up off of us. At one point, this other guy who had a thin dark beard and he was choking me on the ground."

Stewart says following the attack he was able to call 911. Stewart says after that he needed to go to the hospital and get eight staples in his arm.

Tiffany Nadeau, another one of the victims in the attack, told WGME 13,

"I don't feel safe and here I am homeless and living out here. People are going to be not wanting to come down to the park and go for a walk, because they're scared they're going to get beat up by kids."

The group says they were attacked by another group of people in that appeared to be in their teens and early twenties. Police say another similar attack happened in the park back in March.

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