It has been 9 years...the morning of December 17th of 2011 when Ayla Reynolds was reported as missing.  She was with her father at his mother's home in Waterville.  He put her to bed, and the next morning he says she was missing.

Ayla's disappearance resulted in a massive and ongoing investigation by the State of Maine. To date, no charges have been filed. The Maine State Police did say they do not find evidence of her being abducted, and they believe it is highly unlikely Ayla would be found alive. The courts declared the 20-month-old dead in 2017.  That cleared the way for other court filings.

Ayla's father has said all along said someone took her from the house. He now lived in California, and Ayla's mom still lives in Maine. The civil case is still being built, but things have moved slowly this year due to the pandemic.  As for the criminal case, that is still open and as active as it can be considering all the work they have already done and explored.

This is the hard part...the child is missing...9 years later, and all the evidence that has been collected, all the searches that were conducted, all the police work that has gone into this is still open, and there are still some huge questions to be answered.

I hope for Ayla's Mom they find those answers, and she to put some sort of closure on this.  One never 'gets over' the death of a child...but these extra layers of grief and uncertainty must be heavy on the heart.

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