I'd like to think everyone knows these very basic rules.  We learned them in driver's ed.  But perhaps, not everyone remembered that topic.  I, however, did.  So, let's just verify them for clarification.  And, if you don't already know them...well, here is your lesson for the day.  

Augusta has 2 major rotaries.  East side and west side.  (Yes, I know there are the teenie tiny ones by the new MaineGeneral...but nobody can stay in those lines...so these rules don't pertain to those)  Here's how to approach a rotary:

  1. Yield to get on
  2. Traffic flows in a counter clockwise direction
  3. Traveling 1 or 2 exits: use outside lane
  4. Traveling more than 2 exits: use inside lane
  5. NEVER travel completely around the circle in the outside lane
  6. Signal to exit the rotary

There ya have it...6 very very simple steps to navigating Augusta's rotaries.  Also, with the warmer season, we see more out-of-staters...cut them some slack.


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