When you think about how long the area that we now call the State of Maine has been inhabited, it should not be a surprise that we have a few ghost towns.

For thousands of years, all of New England was inhabited by the Native Americans.  Then, about 500 years ago, the first European settlers showed up.  Oh yeah, many people now believe the Vikings were kicking around here about 1,000 years ago.  Anyway, you get the picture.

As a history geek I have learn that, here in Maine, ghost towns take all kinds of shapes.  Some towns that are considered ghost towns are actually still inhabited.  They just have a lot fewer residents than they used to have.  Some, like Riceville, were never actually inhabited.  Instead, they were more like neighborhoods that were somewhat separated from their nearest town / city.  And some, like Flagstaff, are now completely underwater.

Recently, Hotels.com put out their list of Maine ghost towns.  Check it out...

6 Maine Ghost Towns You Never Knew Existed

Considering the area that we now call the State of Maine has been inhabited for thousands of years (first by the Native Americans and later by European settlers) it shouldn't come as any surprise that we have a few "ghost towns" in our state. Here are six ghost towns listed by Hotels.com

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Here are eleven Maine towns / cities that you should make a point of visiting this year

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