Some of these are obviously set in Maine, others, we had no idea!

You may have seen these movies before, but did you catch that they take place in Maine? Some just have a few scenes in Maine others take place in the state entirely.

1. Charlotte's Web- Somerset County Farm

The Zuckerman's farm in Charlotte's Web is based off a real farm in Maine. In some adaptations of the movie it is more obvious this was a coastal Maine farm. The author of Charlotte's Web the book, E.B. White, had a great love for the state and the Downeast region and often featured it in his work.

2. Pete's Dragon (1977)- Passamaquoddy

You may have seen the 2016 Disney remake of this movie, but did you know the original took place in Maine! The story line from the 1977 version is a young boy moves to Maine with the help of his magic dragon named Elliot to escape his abusive parents. The 2016 version is totally different and takes place on the west coast (what the heck Disney!).

3. Home Alone 5:Holiday Heist- Small town Maine

Bet you didn't know there was a 'Home Alone' movie that took place in Maine! Unfortunately Macaulay Calkin wasn't in this one, but our home state sure is! This 'Home Alone' is a combo of classic 'Home Alone' booby traps with a possibly haunted house!

4. Casper- Friendship

As a state full of old, creepy houses it's no surprised they would set famous ghost movie 'Casper' here. The story of a friendly ghost who befriends a living girl who moves into his home in Friendship, Maine.

5. The Iron Giant- Rockwell, Maine

This is the story of a boy who finds a giant robot in a fictional town in Maine in the 1950's. Creators wanted the story set in a wholesome, Americana type town similar to a Norman Rockwell painting, hence the town name 'Rockwell'.

6. The Parent Trap-Camp Walden, Denmark, Maine

So the whole movie didn't take place in Maine, but the summer camp scenes where Lindsey Lohan finally notices how much she looks like herself... I mean her twin, did. The Camp Walden the 'twins' attend is an actual girls camp in Denmark, Maine. However, there is no isolation cabin and is 7-weeks long.

What movies did we miss?

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