I was today years old when I learned that lobster boat racing was actually a thing. It's pretty obvious that since we live in Maine and we love to go fast, we'll race about anything.

According to their Facebook Page, 

Funds raised at this event go towards the Friendship Memorial Scholarship Fund. Graduating seniors from Friendship are given the opportunity to apply for this scholarship and are awarded funds to advance their post-secondary education.

Friendship Lobster Boat Races

The boat race was located at Friendship Harbor, in Friendship, Maine and the boats went "bow-to-bow for points, cash, and prizes".

Dave Dostie Photographer
Dave Dostie Photographer

Keith Simmons took fastest Friendship boat but this was highly competitive with so many amazing boaters!

The day was beautiful and luckily, Photographer, Dave Dostie was there with his camera and he got some incredible shots of the event.

2022 Maine Lobster Boat Races

Located at Friendship harbor, was the 2022 Lobster Boat Racing and Dave Dostie got the most incredible photos of this year's event!

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse in Maine

How much fun would that be to pretend you are shipwrecked with your lover and have a romantic weekend role-playing like two castaways? I'm down with that. Well, you can do that right here in Maine!

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