And people say kids these days are too obsessed with technology. A 15-year old from Maine has amassed a vintage computer collection including 200 Apple computers from the past and plans to be them all on display with help from his father.

According to the New York Times, 15-year old Alex Jason calls his tremendous collection "Alex's Apple Orchard" and will be available for viewing at the all-new Maine Technology Museum located in Fairfield, Maine. Bill Jason, Alex's father, will help display the collection inside of a converted library in the town. You can check out a video of the collection right here, it's dynamite. 

Alex Jason has been collecting vintage computer pieces since he was 10 years old. Some of the pieces as part of his "Apple orchard" have sold at auction for nearly one million dollars. That includes a rare Apple I, created in 1976, with estimates that only 70 such computers still exist on Earth.

But don't think Alex Jason didn't work hard to make his collection vast and impressive. The New York Times reports that Alex acquired his first large haul of vintage Apple equipment by saving up $2,000 mowing lawns. Awesome.

The Maine Technology Museum will be more than just Alex's Apple Orchard when it opens, tentatively scheduled for January 2017. It would also feature interactive exhibits about virtual reality, renewable energy and space exploration amongst other topics.

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