There always seems to be one in every crowd.  They are always the first to complain when it snows, rains...or even when the sun shines.  Well, Mainers have waited a long time for the weather that is going to grace us tomorrow....briefly.  So, for the first person who complains about the's what I wish for you:

  1. I hope your ice cream melts all over your hands and there's no napkin to clean  yourself
  2. I hope all your water bottles have holes in them
  3. I hope your coworker eats fish next to you at work
  4. I hope all the mosquitoes flock to you and suck every ounce of negativity out of you
  5. I hope you have to hit every red traffic light while running 10 minutes late ALL day
  6. I hope you only get the end of your favorite song on the radio
  7. I hope your air conditioner smells like wet dog
  8. I hope a bird poops on your face
  9. I hope you get a bad case of walking farts
  10. I hope you step on a lego

That'll teach ya for being so darn negative.

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