Check your closet! Something from your childhood could literally be worth a fortune. If you have one of these in good condition. You might want to see how much its worth.

A view master $430

Strawberry shortcake dolls $550

Super soakers $600

Toy story toys from the first 2 movies going for $700

Furby’s are selling for close to $1000

Original Gameboys are selling for $1500

Vintage Power Ranger toys close to $2000

Good condition Transformers are over $2000

Lego Train sets almost $3000 same with Tamagochi and Sour Patch Kids

Beanie babies are known to sell for close to $5,000 which is insane because they are sold for 5 dollars.

If you have Harry Potter books in their original packaging, those could go for 7 thousand.

Pez dispensers $32,000

Classic Pokemon cards 100,000 most successful media franchise in the world. Worth 90 billion dollars.

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