In recent years, we have seen a nationwide resurgence in bowling.  Younger people (20s and 30s) started shying away from nightclubs in many places.  Instead of just hanging out drinking, they wanted to do something.  As a result, many began to gravitate toward bowling.

This is your chance to be a part of the new bowling trend!

According to the Rizzo Mattson website, a popular Central Maine bowling alley is for sale.

1-7-10 Bowling, located on Route 3 in Augusta, has been the area's premiere candlepin bowling center for decades.

The business, which is currently priced at $1,800,000, is completely turn-key.  There are 20 bowling lanes, balls, shoes, and lots of that disinfectant spray they use on the shoes (no one wants to share foot sweat).

There is also an arcade full of games, a sizable restaurant / bar space, a fully-equipped bar, and a full kitchen (pizza ovens, deep fryers, and more).  There is also a small patio that would be the perfect place to showcase bands or DJs during the summer.

1-7-10 Bowling

If you have always wanted to own a bowling alley, here's your chance! As of July 2021, the Augusta-area business was for sale for $1.8 million. Get more details HERE

Yes, some parts of the business could use some updates.  The lane control computers, for example.  That being said, the business has so much potential.

Imagine it...  Bowling for the family during the day, a restaurant serving lunch and dinner, and adult nightlife (bands, karaoke, DJs).

Interested?  Get more details HERE

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