According to WMTW, the pay for about 165,000 hourly Walmart employees will soon be going up significantly.

The amount of the increase will depend on what department the employee works for.

For example, the minimum pay for deli and bakery employees will go up from $11 an hour to at least $15 an hour!  Most auto center workers will also get a pay raise of $1 or more.

The pay, and titles, for some of store managers will change, too.

Co-managers will become "store leads," assistant store managers will become "coaches" and "department managers" will become "team leads."  Wages for these positions will start at between $18 and $21 an hour.  And, at some of the company's Supercenter locations, these employees could end up making as much as $30 per hour.

No word on exactly when these wage increases will go into effect.

In other Walmart news, it appears that they are now testing the use of drones for deliveries in some markets.

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