I love The Weather Channel for naming winter storms. The one that is headed our way is 'Stella'.  Maine is looking at snow starting Tuesday into Wednesday. Yes, like a foot or so.  BUT lets look on the up side, this new snow will be a pain to clean up, it always is, but since it is mid March already, it will be gone very soon! Maine's weather by region thanks to the Maine Emergency Management Agency.

It is a big storm. There will be snow in the midwest, mid Atlantic and will leave alot of snow in Philly, New York and Boston.  And the maps for Maine are VERY colorful as well...and color on weather maps means we are going to some action.  OK, we are going to see some snow.  Lets just call it 'plowable snow'.  We are going to see a lot of snow.  Check out what Weather.com has to say about 'Stella'!

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