A man's dream...the weight of his wife in BEER.  Oh yea, and 2 times her weight in money!  Every husband is now asking 'What's the catch?'  'What do I have to do?'  It's simple, really.  You just have to carry her...on your back...through a tough obstacle course...and, of course...you have to WIN.

Every year, Sunday River hosts the North American Wife Carrying Championship.  This year it will be help October 6th.  According to Sunday River, this is the general gist of how it works:

 the husband carrying the wife through a regulation length obstacle course featuring log hurdles, sand traps, and the always popular "widow maker" water hazard. The fastest two teams from the qualifying round then compete head-to-head in a final heat. 

Spots fill up quickly, so if you are interested in participating, sign up now. 


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