Brunswick photographer, Benjamin Williamson posted a video on Facebook this week that in my nearly 53 years in Maine, I have never seen before.

As you watch it you'll see an area full of with snowballs all over the place. If you look closely you'll realize that there are no footprints around them. So, who rolled these balls? Was it some kind of Maine mid-winter sorcery that made them magically appear like the red hearts all over Portland on Valentines Day? How did they get there?

Benjamin explains the unusual sight in his Facebook caption...

"High winds caused wet snow to form into these rollers all across a field in Bethel, Maine."

Check out the quick video. It's kinda bizzah, dude.

He credits Isaac Crabtree with the reason why this happened. Isaac is another Maine photographer and a schoolteacher who dazzled us last winter with a giant snowshoe design made by his students.

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