If you love donuts, there is a good chance you've been to Maine's The Holy Donut at least once or twice.

Loved by Mainers of all ages, one of the things that sets donuts from The Holy Donut apart is the fact they are made with potatoes.  No, really!  What could be more Maine than that, right?  The inclusion of potatoes to the recipe give the donuts that unique, really dense, texture.  It also makes them that much more filling.

On top of the addition of potato, they offer some really unique flavors like Allen's Coffee Brandy, Sweet Potato Ginger Glazed, and Maple Bacon.

Now, it looks like they have come up with something else to set them apart from other donut places.

In a recent Facebook post, the regional donut chain announced they were rolling out something new - The Holy Donut B.I.T.E.

B.I.T.E. stands for Best Ice Cream Treat Ever.

Basically, they are ice cream sandwiches that use donuts instead of cookies.

Right now, there are three different versions: old fashioned, dark chocolate sea salt, and sweet potato ginger glazed.

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Posted by The Holy Donut on Monday, April 19, 2021

They are available from now through May 3rd at all Holy Donut locations.  Currently, they have locations in Portland, Auburn, and Scarborough.

Get more details about their locations and what they offer from their website.

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