Here's some important information for those of us who have Netflix accounts.  They're beginning to terminate some people's accounts.  No, not because you have shared your password with too many people.  Not this time, at least.

According to Variety, they began reaching out to customers who have not used the service in the last twelve months.  They're sending those customers an email asking if they would like to continue to use (and pay for) the service.  If the customer responds "no" or fails to respond at all, they cancel those accounts.

But, who does that?  Pays for a service every month, but never uses it...  More people than you'd think.  According to Netflix director of product innovation Eddy Wu, a few hundred thousand subscribers.  Sure, that only accounts for about 0.05% of their users, but it is still a lot of people.

If they do end up terminating your account, they'll keep you list and favorites for ten months.  That way, when the weather starts getting cold and you start spending more time inside, you can pick right up where you left off on "Ozark" and "Locke And Key".

Honestly, if you think about it, this is a very kind thing for them to do.  It prevents you from continuing to pay for a service that you are, clearly, too busy to use or cancel.

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