OK Winter lovers...how are you liking the rising prices in home fuel oil?    Here is a list of the local fuel companies and their oil prices:

According to maineoil.com:

Coming in cheapest:

Bob's Cash Fuel - Madison - $2.84/gallon

C.N. Brown Company - West Farmington - $2.82/gallon

C.N. Brown Company - Madison - $2.84/gallon

M.A. Haskell Fuel Company LLC.  - China - $2.89/gallon

C.B Haskell Fuel Company - Windsor - $2.89/gallon

C.N. Brown Company - Augusta - $2.99/gallon

C.O.D Cash Fuel - Central Maine - $2.99/gallon

C.N. Brown Company - Waterville - $2.99/gallon

Community Oil - Augusta/Gardiner/Monmouth - $2.89/gallon

Crowley Energy - Augusta/Gardiner - $2.99/gallon

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