For many Americans, the second stimulus check was a bit of a letdown.  After months of arguing about it in Congress, and despite President Trump's insistance that it be for $2,000, eligible people ended up with only $600.

Fortunately, for those in need of the money, you could soon see the remainder of the $2,000 President Trump had been pushing for.

According to Newsweek, a portion of President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package would fund an additional $1,400 in stimulus checks for American citizens that meet the income requirements.

The experts are now saying that it could be very difficult for the wide ranging, and expensive, relief package to pass both chambers in its current form.  There is a better chance that a version of the package that includes a lot of compromises would pass much easier.  However, even a modified version could take months to has out.

It does appear the income requirements for this third round of checks would not change much, if any.  Individuals earning $75,000 per year or less would be eligible for the full $1,400 checks. The amount would incrementally decrease for those making amounts above that, with anyone making over $99,000 per year being ineligible for any payment.  Of course, these numbers could change if the package needs to be modified in order to pass.

In addition to money for another round of stimulus checks, the current $1.9 trillion deal also includes money for COVID-19 testing, COVID-19 vaccines, bail outs for small businesses, and funds to up the current employment benefits from $300 per week to $400 per week.


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