I have been hearing about this for over a decade and still it's hanging over our head. It is also the reason I keep a current US passport.

Mainers will be grounded next year if legislators don't update driver's licenses to comply with federal requirements.

A state-issued driver's license can no longer get you into military bases, nuclear power plants and other federal facilities. And starting in 2018,  the IDs won't allow you to board commercial flights.

Airports would still accept passports, which cost $135 for first-time applicants.

The issue stems from a 12 year-old federal law passed in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks that require states to update their driver's license security.

Maine legislators led the nation in opposing the law, which they called an unfunded mandate and federal overreach.

State and federal representatives in the five non-complaint states are now scrambling to fix the situation.

A hearing on a legislator's fix is scheduled March 7.— AUGUSTA, Maine (AP)

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