In the business world they always say "location location location".  In most cases, the location of your business is key.

Sure, there are a few exceptions to this rule, like very specialized businesses that don't cater to the public, but in most cases, you want your store, office, or restaurant located in a spot with a heavy flow of traffic.

Well, in Augusta, you can hardly argue that being on a rotary is one of the best locations for a business that deals with the public.  Our rotaries (traffic circles) are basically intersections on steroids.  They allow a fairly normal traffic flow for the thousands of people who come to the city to work in the state and federal government offices each weekday.  For example, according to the Coldwell Banker website, about 20,000 cars per day travel through the the Cony Circle rotary.

If you have a business that deals directly with the public and you have been looking to move, or open a new location, you need to check out 72 Cony Street in Augusta.

Until the pandemic forced the temporary closure of all public facing businesses, the 1,200 square foot building had been occupied by New Dimension FCU.  As it did with many businesses, the pandemic caused the credit union to re-evaluate how they were operating.  In the end, they chose to close that location.

According to the Coldwell Banker website, the building, which was constructed in 1978, is for sale.  The building is set up as an office (it was a bank, after all) and it has up to 20 parking spaces.  The building has forced hot air and air conditioning.

Keep in mind that, back in July of 2022, the City of Augusta enacted a temporary ban on new businesses being opened in locations on Augusta rotaries.  The ban is supposed to last 180 days.  By our estimates, that means the ban will end early next year.  Read the full story HERE

The current list price is just under $600,000.  You can get more details, take a look at more photos, and schedule a showing through the Coldwell Banker website.

So, what business should go into the location?  Let us know your thoughts through our app or on Facebook.

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