The site Yelp is a good site to read reviews and find local restaurants, motels, nightlife, and other categories in your local area. I searched Yelp for the highest rated places to eat in Augusta, and while I agree with most of their list, they are missing a few of my favorite spots to hit.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with these top ten rated places?

Here they are; from number 10 to 1.

#10 Augusta House Of Pancakes/ 100 Western Avenue, Augusta

#9 Kume/ Augusta Marketplace

#8 Red Curry Thai Restaurant/ 179 Mount Vernon Avenue, Augusta

#7 Damon's Pizza & Italians/ Western Ave, Augusta

#6 Cloud 9 Restaurant/Senator Inn Western Ave, Augusta

#5 Downtown Diner/ Water Street, Augusta

#4 Riverfront Barbecue & Grille/ Water St, Augusta

#3 Doc Hollandaise/ 611 Civic Center Drive Augusta

#2 Sweet Chili Thai/ Airport Road Augusta

#1 The Red Barn/ Riverside Drive Augusta

If you would like to comment on this top 10 list or add your favorite restaurant, please feel free to comment on our facebook page.

Next week, we will look at the top 10 rated restaurants in Waterville.


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