So, we have officially hit the "blah" part of winter in New England.  It's dark...  It's cold...  And, the only thing to look forward to is the warmth of spring.

But spring is months away!  How are you and your special someone going to make it through the rest of the winter without saying something you're going to regret?

Why not take a weekend trip to Boston?  You can walk the streets of the city, eat at some of the best restaurants in America, and maybe even take in a Bruins or Celtics game.  Regardless, it is great to just get out of town for a few days.

Don't waste your money staying in a hotel that charges crazy rates.  Instead, spend a few days living like a Bostonian by renting an apartment a short distance from Downtown Boston.

For rent through Evolve, this "trendy Boston apartment" is just a few blocks from the beach (if you're staying there in warmer weather) and about two miles from Downtown Boston.  The place is TINY!  But, if it is just you and your significant other, and if you plan to spend much of your vacation exploring Boston, it should be fine.

While it is a short drive from all that downtown has to offer, it is also walking distance to a bunch of locally owned dining options: Dunkin (of course), Local 149, Sixth Gear - Cask & Kitchen, The Broadway, Roza Lyons, The Paramount, and more.

South Boston Apartment

This apartment is rentable trough Evolve.

The only other downside is the fact that there is no on-site parking.  So, you'll need to park in the street.

Like many rental units, the price varies depending on the time of year.  On average, though, it costs about $160 per night.

As a side note, the place kind of reminds us of the apartment that John, Lori, and Ted shared in the movie "Ted".  Of course, theirs was unrealistically large for being a Boston apartment.  The apartment building used for the exterior shots for John, Lori, and Ted's apartment really does exist and it is on Chandler Street in Boston.  Do you see the similarity?

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