UPDATE (Jan 11 @ 6 PM)

We're finally getting more details about Saturday's weather...

Google's dictionery defines ACCRETION as "the process of growth or increase, typically by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter."  Now ya' know!

Original story follows...
When it comes to weather, the last month or so has been pretty exciting!  First, it was the cold.  Then, it was Winter Storm Grayson.  Oh yeah, don't forget about that Christmas Day storm!  Now, it looks like we may have an ice storm on the way!

We're going to get a significant amount of rain starting Friday morning and continuing throughout the day.  According to WCSH 6 meteorologist Todd Gutner, we could see a total of an inch of rain.  If the temperature drops significantly on Friday night, that rain we're going to get will become freezing rain or sleet.  On top of that, the rain that will have fallen by that point will freeze into patches of ice.

And, because this warm weather is going to be followed by a cold snap, you're going to want to shovel your roof (and any driveways or walkways you haven't shoveled yet) now.  Once the freeze sets in, that's going to become a lot more difficult!  On top of that, the frozen snow on your roof could lead to collapses or fall off the roof and seriously injure someone.


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