If you were a kid in the 1980s, or you just love 80s movies, you have seen Gremlins.  That's the movie where the teenage boy gets a VERY unique pet from his dad.

While at a toy show, the kid's (Billy) father bought the "mogwai" from an old Chinese man.  The man explains that there are several rules to owning a the pet, who gets named Gizmo.  You cannot feed it after midnight, you can't put them in direct sunlight, and you can't get them wet.

Sunlight hurts them.  When they get wet, they multiply (like rabbits or tribbles).  It's even worse if you feed them after midnight, though.  When that happens, they turn into Gremlins - evil reptile creatures.

Not a surprise, in the movie, they do get a midnight snack.

The original was such a hit that we did get a sequel.  The sequel was set in New York and featured a parody of Donald Trump.  In the movie, the man's name was Clamp.

Now, 37 years after the original movie, actor Zach Galligan (who played the teenage boy) and Gizmo Return for Mountain Dew Ad. In the commercial, fans see how a "mogwai" reacts to a sip of Mountain Dew.

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