According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, a man had to be rescued from the Great Falls in Lewiston.

The reporter, Russ DIllingham, that a man walked out on to the rocks when the water level was lower.  The water level then increased, leaving him stuck in the middle of the falls.  As you can see, the man had found a bit of shelter, but the flows on either side of him were too intense to cross.


The reporter explained that Auburn Fire and Auburn Police were on the scene trying to rescue to get the man to come back to shore.

In the end, a boat was brought in to rescue the man.

Take a look at the video

It sounds as though the water level is controlled by Brookfield Renewable Power.  However, it would have taken several hours for them to lower the flow enough for the water level to drop.

Regardless who controls the water level (man or nature), the water level can always been unpredictable.  The water levels are always rising and dropping.  If you need to, or choose to, go near our rivers and other bodies of water, please use caution.

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