So, you "cut the cord", but you're still paying way too much?  Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and CBS All Access aren't free, after all.

CNET recommends these alternatives to the paid streaming services:

Crackle - This streaming service was created by Sony and features about 200 movies at any given time. There are also TV shows and some original programming (like Joe Dirt 2)

IMDB TV - It's owned by Amazon.  Basically, they are offering free, ad-supported, shows as an off-shoot of Prime.  So far, the selection is relatively limited with only about 100 titles.  But, they plan to add much more in the near future.  Current titles include The Whole Nine Yards, Jerry Maguire, and Bladrunner

Internet Archive - From here you can stream hundreds of public domain movies and shows...  Much of it TERRIBLE.  But, if you like classic movies, it's worth checking out.

Pluto TV - This streaming service offers some live programming and a lot of movies on demand.  Current offerings include The Dictator, Wild Things, AI, Enemy At The Gates, Rango, and Dances With Wolves

Vudu - Walmart's ad-supported streaming service offers a lot of direct-to-DVD movies and tons of throwbacks (80s, 90s, early 00s).  You can also rent newer movies in the service.

Since all of the above can be accessed through your laptop's browser, it should give you enough to watch while you're killing time during your lunch break...  Or, wasting the last hour or so of your workday.

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