We've got your weekend plans covered for the next five weeks thanks to these carefully curated Road Trip Worthy destinations. If you're looking for an active hike outside or a peaceful scenic stroll, these trips will fit the bill.

The staircase once belonged to the infamous Madame Antoinette Sherri’s Castle. The castle has long since disappeared after decades of vandalism and neglect, but some of the original stone structures, including this staircase, still remain.

No one told us that Gorge is actually short for gorgeous. Flume Gorge in New Hampshire is located at the base of Mount Liberty and it is among the most spectacular sights in the mountainous forests of the Granite State.

It’s hard to pick the most impressive and beautiful waterfall in New Hampshire, but Glen Ellis Falls in Jackson surely belongs near the top of the list.

Screw Auger Falls in Grafton Notch is among Maine’s most impressive waterfalls. According to NewEnglandWaterfalls.com, it is also one of Maine’s most visited waterfalls, and it’s no surprise why. The plunge and fall waterfall has created cool caverns for swimming and exploring.

High stone turrets, a wooden drawbridge, elaborate artwork, and a pool room with it’s own weather system are just a few of the elaborate features at Hammond Castle. Take a look inside this enchanting fortress. You’ll never believe it’s in New England.

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