From coffee drinkin women to hunky toll plaza guys...this week's edition of Missed Connections is sure not lacking in entertainment.  But, I'm really starting to get concerned about the girl who works at the Manchester Rite Aid...there are always a lot of request for her.  

Jeepaneer at Dunkin in Waterville...
Saw you at dunkin. Blonde hair and glasses. You looked at me and smiled. You drove your custom jeepaneer. Get in touch with me.

Woman at Denny's in Augusta, Sunday, reading paper and drinking coffee...
lady at counter reading paper I sat to chairs down from you you had secone cup of coffee would like to take you out for supper thank you it was 4 pm or so sunday 5/28/17

How much do you remember...
Like you I have to maintain a DL post. Some time back you ran a listing hoping to find your "BOYTOY", I answered and we started to exchange nice emails, but things just stopped.You were afraid the the people in my small town might hear about us meeting as at one time we both lived in that same small town, and we still know some of the same people. If we were to meet we could make sure that the right people found each other and go from there. Will only answer this listing through CL..

Manchester Rite Aid....this girl gets more requests...WHO IS SHE?
You work in the pharmacy. You always look so beautiful. You just graduated nursing school and I would love to treat you to a night or lifetime of romance.
Give me a chance. I'll show you how to love.

Last dance in Hallowell...
Hope you enjoyed dancing together the other night as much as I did. I hope we do it again.

Hunky guy taking money at Toll Plaza in Gardiner
You were the really cute guy who took my $1. I was going southbound around 6:15 on Friday evening... I may have stared at you for a moment took long.. thought about you for the next twenty minutes... If you're interested what was I driving?

Bearded produce guy at Hannaford in Winthrop
I know that you'll likely never stumble across this post but, I just have to say, when I spot you expertly handling all that produce right when I walk into the store, I suddenly don't despise grocery shopping as much. I'm a bit too shy to really try to catch your attention, but there are times that I hope I have. You're tall and slender and that beard... you wear it very well.

James from TWC
You came to my house around 1130 today to hook up my internet.. u were really nice and good looking.. I should have asked you out.. but I was to shy . I had a pink sweater on . Hope to hear from you James.

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