Now that I am officially a resident of the Granite State, I am so excited to explore lesser known places. Whether it is a "secret beach" or the farm that has the best blueberry muffins on the eastern seaboard, I want to learn about the hidden gems that only locals know about.

According to, there is a park in Laconia that is extremely underrated. Granted, there is a lot to do and see in the Lakes Region which is why this state park tends to get over shadowed. But those who know about it consider it a worthy destination all on it's own. Ahern State park sits on 128-acres of land with trails to explore plus it is on beautiful Lake Winnisquam.

The site states that Ahern State Park is open throughout the year which is awesome news! I think Steven and I will take a drive north some weekend in September and spend some time in nature. Pets are allowed too!

But be warned it's not staffed so there are no restrooms and parking is first come first serve. Need more info? Visit their website to plan your visit to Ahern State Park!

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