Maybe I'm just an uninformed millennial, but knitting isn't considered an extreme sport in my book. My grandmother knit all of her grandkids some gorgeous sweaters, scarfs, hats, and mittens throughout the years. These keepsake items were created with love, care, and small knitting needles that worked for months to create delicate handmade items. There's nothing extreme about my grandmother peering over the edge of her bifocals to assemble a scarf while she watches her afternoon programs.

Judy Jewell from Warren, New Hampshire has completely changed the way I look at knitting. Instead of small, point knitting needles, she uses large PVC pipes. Instead of small balls of yarn trailing from the side of her rocking chair, she uses massive skeins of wool. As her huge knitted creations come together, she seems buried in the rows of super sized purl stitches.

I've seen giant knit blankets like this on Pinterest and Instagram, but I've never seen the process of creating one. Watching the video Judy posted on her Instagram, I take back everything I've said about knitting not being extreme. It looks like a big workout moving those PVC pipes back and forth.

Judy shared the pattern for the giant blanket in her website store if you want to create a giant knit blanket for yourself. Rumor has it she may be selling the blankets on her Etsy page soon. Stay tuned!

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