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Maine is receiving another extension from enforcement of federal requirements for state driver's licenses and ID cards. WABI reports the Department of Homeland Security has given Maine until Oct. 10, 2018, to meet the federal identification requirements. Until then, Maine driver's licenses will be accepted to board aircraft and access federal facilities. State officials say they plan to have REAL ID compliant driver's licenses available July 2019. The state will seek more time to reach full compliance.

The Waterville City Council voted to approve a development plan and TIF district for Trafton Road area off the new exit 124. WABI reports it will be in place for new projects for that area.

Augusta City Council agreed to deal to lease some land Kennebec Lockes to the Augusta Housing Authority. reports that means the Authority can move ahead with a 34 units of affordable rental housing.

10 people are homeless after a fire in Pittsfield. According to it was an electrical problem.

From the Associated Press:

Gov LePage is proposing that lawmakers consider simply delaying recreational marijuana sales, instead of passing a legislative re-write of the voter-approved marijuana law.  The Maine Legislature is set to return Monday to consider a re-write offered by a legislative committee handling marijuana implementation. Lawmakers had previously pushed back implementation to February.

Students in Maine who have been learning about marine science will conclude their project by dropping kelp-growing lines in the water at the start of the winter growing season. The Peaks Island Elementary students have been participating in a program called "KELP4KIDS." Kelp is grown as a crop in Maine for use in food and other products.

A Maine pharmacy professor is receiving a grant of $375,000 for an early detection innovation in the breast cancer research field. University of New England College of Pharmacy assistant professor Srinidi Mohan is receiving the grant from the Maine Cancer Foundation. Mohan received a patent for an early detection, disease monitoring method that uses a marker in the blood to detect the presence of aggressive tumors.

More than a half-dozen people whose relatives died in military service since Donald Trump became president say they never got a call from him. The Associated Press contacted relatives of 21 of the 43 people who died in military service since Trump took office after he said this week that he had called "virtually everybody." Nine families say the president reached them by phone or mail.

The brother of a Marine from Maine who was killed in the crash of an Osprey aircraft says President Donald Trump never reached out to the family, either by letter or phone call. Capt. Ben Cross of Bethel was one of three Marines killed in the crash in August off the coast of Australia. His older brother, Ryan Cross, who's also a veteran, said Trump portrays himself as a champion of the armed forces but that it's "all talk and no action."

The Senate has passed a $4 trillion budget blueprint that is a major step forward for President Donald Trump's ambitious promises for "massive tax cuts and reform." The 51-49 vote sets the stage for debate later this year to dramatically overhaul the U.S. tax code, cutting rates for individuals and corporations while clearing away trillions of dollars' worth of deductions and special-interest tax breaks.

President Donald Trump is attacking a Democratic congresswoman who accused him of being insensitive to the widow of an Army sergeant killed in Niger. Trump tweets, "The Fake News is going crazy with wacky Congresswoman Wilson(D), who was SECRETLY on a very personal call, and gave a total lie on content!"

Drone footage from the northern Syrian city of Raqqa shows the extent of devastation caused by weeks of fighting between Kurdish-led forces and the Islamic State group. Footage from Thursday shows the bombed-out shells of buildings and heaps of concrete slabs lay piled on streets littered with destroyed cars.

The last two of eight prototypes for President Donald Trump's proposed border wall are taking shape at a construction site in San Diego. The prototypes form a tightly packed row of imposing concrete and metal panels, including one with sharp metal edges on top. Another has a surface resembling an expensive brick driveway. Companies have until Oct. 26 to finish the models but Border Patrol spokesman Theron Francisco said Thursday the last two have come into profile.

Environmental pollutants are killing at least 9 million people and costing the world $4.6 trillion a year, a toll exceeding that of wars, smoking, hunger or natural disasters. But even that estimate from a new study is conservative, and the actual number of deaths from pollution is undoubtedly far higher. But the researchers who compiled the statistics say pollution receives scant attention from global policy makers.

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