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DOT officials are looking for any info on who and what damaged the bridge at exit 109A in Augusta of I-95. reports it would have happened in September or early October and would have been heard and felt nearby.  MeDOT wants to try and recover the $3M in repair cost.

MeDHHS misspent $13M. reports it went for services for the elderly and disabled. It was intended for families with children.  Maine has corrected the move and repaid the money to the correct account, so will not face any penalties.

The man arrested after the shots were fire in the Augusta Walmart on Monday had a prior conviction for domestic violence assault and was barred from owning a gun. reports it started when another customer told the man to be careful because his boot lace was untied.

From the Associated Press:

Maine is cracking down on the distribution of medical marijuana by allowing surprise inspections and implementing a new patient tracking system. The state Department of Health and Human Services issued new rules Wednesday that tighten Maine's medical marijuana market. The group Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine is reviewing the new rules, and plans to hold an educational forum for members to talk about their impact on Nov. 18. Currently, eight state-licensed dispensaries and 3,200 caregivers serve more than 50,000 patients with a qualifying medical condition, such as cancer or post-traumatic stress disorder.

The credit rating agency Moody's Investors Service says Maine voters' decision to expand Medicaid might make it more difficult for the state to keep its budget balanced. Voters decided they wanted Maine to expand Medicaid to some 70,000 citizens in a public referendum on Tuesday. The state joins 31 other states in doing so, but it's the first to expand via a public vote.

White House adviser Ivanka Trump is scheduled to appear at a forum on tax reform at a business in Maine. One of the owners of Volk Packaging Corporation in Biddeford says President Donald Trump's eldest daughter will appear at the event on Friday along with U.S. Sen. Susan Collins. Collins is a Republican like the president, but the two have frequently disagreed about issues such as health care. Ivanka Trump has publicly supported a tax reform package backed by Republicans.

Court officials say the final day has arrived for a Portland landlord convicted of code violations in a fatal fire to continue his appeal. Gregory Nisbet sought a new trial when he was convicted of code violations stemming from a November 2014 fire that killed six people. His lawyers later asked to be removed from the appeal. Nisbet has until Friday to either file a brief or hire a new lawyer to file one on his behalf. Court officials say he has done neither of those things so far.

A city clerk in Maine is looking for the owner of a set of dentures left behind in a polling booth. The Portland Press Herald reports the false teeth were discovered during Tuesday's election. An election clerk found the teeth in an auditorium that serves as a polling place in Portland.

President Donald Trump is continuing his tough talk against North Korea's nuclear ambitions. Trump told an audience of CEOs at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Danang, Vietnam, that the region's future "must not be held hostage to a dictator's twisted fantasies of violent conquest and nuclear blackmail."

The White House says President Donald Trump will not have a formal meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin while they are in Danang, Vietman. The U.S. and Russia are nearing an agreement on how they hope to resolve Syria's civil war. U.S. officials had said Trump and Putin could have announced the deal, if one was clinched while they are in Vietnam.

With the fall of the Islamic State group's last significant stronghold in Syria, Iranian and Russian-backed Syrian troops now turn to face off with their main rival, the U.S.-backed forces that hold large oil fields and strategic territory in the country's north and east. The complicated map puts U.S. and Iranian forces at close proximity with multiple hotspots that could turn violent, particularly in the absence of a clear U.S. policy.

The White House says President Donald Trump believes Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore "will do the right thing and step aside" if sexual misconduct allegations against him are true. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters traveling with Trump in Asia that the president believes a "mere allegation" _ especially one from many years ago _ shouldn't be allowed to destroy a person's life.

The New York Times has published a story about Louis C.K. in which several women accuse the comedian of sexual misconduct, including masturbating in front of them. A representative for C.K. says the comedian will issue a written statement in the coming days. Five women allege the Emmy-winning star of FX's "Louie" either pleasured himself in front of them, asked to do it or did so over the phone.

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