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Fake $100 bill has shown up in Damariscotta and police have issued a warning about it.  WGME reports it looks real but says "for motion picture use only” and Benjamin Franklin has an amused look on his face.  The believe the person who used did think it was real. Officials did want to want people. reports Gardiner is looking at its new budget with a raises for city employees and a drop in property tax for many homeowners. Hallowell is expecting to see an increase in its budget.

A trail from Belfast to Unity is just about ready. reports the idea started as a smaller project but grew to 47 miles with a trail that about 60 different land owners had to approve.

From the Associated Press:

Gov. LePage says the answer to the increasing education costs is cutting administration and regionalizing school districts. He told reporters Tuesday that consolidating schools means people will have to lose their jobs. The governor is backing legislation that would create up to 12 regional centers providing services like payroll, transportation, nutrition and professional development at a lower cost.LePage also said he wants a statewide standard for special education, which he said is a factor in increasing costs.

Gov. Paul LePage says he'll veto legislation that would allow doctors to prescribe medication that a patient may self-administer to hasten death. The Legislature's health and human services committee on Wednesday is set to decide whether to recommend bills sponsored by Republican Sen. Roger Katz and Democratic Rep. Jennifer Parker. The Maine Medical Association is not yet taking a position on the legislation because its members are divided.

A Republican lawmaker's bill would direct half a million dollars in state funds to treat contaminated private drinking water wells. The bill would direct $200,000 to help low-income homeowners purchase well water treatment systems. More than half of the homes in Maine get drinking water from private, residential wells.

A shuttered paper mill has agreed to sell its hydro power assets to a New Jersey hydroelectric power producer. Madison Paper Industries has signed the agreement with Eagle Creek Renewable Energy LLC, which is based in Morristown, New Jersey. The paper mill closed in May and was sold in December to a buyer that wants to put the property back into use an as industrial site.

The brother of a California man who Fresno police say shot and killed a motel security guard and three other men he targeted for being white says he's shocked by the killings. Fresno's Police Chief says 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad, who is black, told investigators he decided to kill white people after police on Tuesday publicly identified him as a suspect in last week's slaying of a security guard. Muhammad is being charged with four counts of murder.

Facebook slaying suspect Steve Stephens was undone by a 20-piece Chicken McNuggets and an order of fries. The man who police say shot a Cleveland retiree at random and posted video of the killing on Facebook was recognized by the drive-thru attendant of a McDonald's restaurant outside Erie, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday morning. The worker called 911, and state police gave chase. Stephens killed himself as police closed in.

When Houston customs agents halted almost 1,800 metric tons of Amazon rainforest wood in 2015, it represented a rare victory in the battle to preserve tropical forests and a blow against organized criminal logging in Peru. But the triumph was short-lived. The man behind the operation was dismissed and fled into exile, and an Associated Press investigation shows that subsequent government actions undermined Washington's efforts to get Peru to clean up its notoriously corrupt timber industry.

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