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An RSU 38 committee has voted to keep Manchester Elementary School open. According to there have been mold concerns. Now there is a classroom that had unsafe carbon dioxide reading.

A Madawaska couple is accused of having the one largest meth labs found by state officials. WABI reports  their two children were taken into state custody and both are facing multiple charges.

From the Associated Press:

Democrats want to advance a universal sick leave bill despite opposition from Republicans on a legislative committee. The Legislature's labor, commerce, research and economic development committee this week voted 5-4 in favor of the bill. Two other Republicans and two Democrats who weren't present have until Thursday to cast their votes. The bill is set to head to the Senate for an initial vote.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Maine says a Republican's immigration bill capitalizes on anti-immigrant fervor and amounts to racial profiling. Rep. Lawrence Lockman's bill would prohibit any government from restricting the enforcement of federal immigration law. The ACLU is organizing a protest against the bill at the Statehouse before the Thursday hearing.

Protesters have disrupted Maine Gov. Paul LePage's town hall meeting at the University of Southern Maine with shouts of "Black Lives Matter." A group of about 25 protesters held a peaceful demonstration against the governor. Portland police officers say no one was arrested.

While experts warn of a "Trump Slump" in international visitors, one Maine town is already exceeding expectations. The Portland Press Herald reports one hotel manager in Old Orchard Beach has already seen a $200,000 increase in bookings. Innkeepers say the increase in tourists is due to an improved exchange rate between the Canadian and U.S. dollar.

Vice President Mike Pence praised Indonesia's democracy and moderate form of Islam after meeting Thursday with the president of the world's most populous Muslim nation. The comments, though routine, had significance for Indonesian President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo, who the day before suffered a serious political setback when a political ally was defeated by Islamic conservatives in the election for Jakarta governor.

China's foreign minister recently likened the U.S. and North Korea to two speeding trains hurtling toward each other, an analogy that would seem to place China in the role of helpless bystander. And indeed, while tensions have risen, Beijing has been frustrated by its declining influence over Pyongyang. China is the North's most important trading partner and ally, but Pyongyang has ignored its calls to suspend its nuclear and missile programs and its requests for high-level bilateral talks.

Fighting for his home: A young Syrian man says he joined the Islamic State group to defend his city against Assad's military, taking on the trappings of the extremists until he eventually defected. His story is one from a generation of Syrians who came of age in the midst of civil war and, even as teenagers, had to decide who and what to fight for, bringing a complexity of motives and alliances in the conflict.

Despite the inglorious end to Bill O'Reilly's two-decade Fox News Channel career, observers say his deep imprint on Fox and other cable news outlets and his influence on barbed political discourse are intact for the foreseeable future.

Aaron Hernandez's death in prison _ just days after the former NFL star was cleared of additional murder charges _ remains shrouded in mystery. Why now? Is there more to the story? What happens to his estate? Authorities offered few answers after Hernandez was found hanging from a bedsheet Wednesday in his cell in a maximum-security prison in Massachusetts.

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