As a person who was in elementary school in the late 1980s, I have some pretty vivid memories of the TV shows we had at that time.  Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, Alf, Star Trek The Next Generation.

Even though, back then, we used the commercial breaks to go to the bathroom or to get a snack, I do have some memories of the local and national commercials that aired in my favorite shows.

One of the cool things about old commercials, especially local commercials, is how they give us a look at what life was like back then.  These fifteen and thirty second clips remind us of foods we used to love (that are no longer made), fashions and styles we used to think were so cool (that are now really silly looking), and new technology that was made completely obsolete by a basic smartphone.

One of the most memorable commercials from the 1980s and 1990s has got to be the Bangor Savings Bank Christmas kitten commercials.

This is a WCSH (now known as News Center Maine) news promo for a reporter named John Dougherty.

This one will take 80s kids back...


Here's a vintage commercial for our sister station WBLM.

Speaking of DJs, at one time Reo Party Music was one of the hottest entertainment companies in Southern Maine.  Did he DJ your wedding?

Yes, that iconic Maine restaurant with the lobster on the roof has been around that long...  The most amazing part about the commercial are how long the prices are!

It is cool to see that some of these businesses are still in business, over three decades later!

Here is a 1986 commercial for Brown Pontiac in Saco

This video has a slew of local and national commercials from February of 1989.

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