This Sunday Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap will unveil the new design during a Veterans Day concert at the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor.

The new plates will feature a red stripe across the top and bottom with a field of three stars in the upper left replacing the old Veteran plates that just had a "V" on them, although the new design will continue to allow space for a commemorative veteran decal.

The new design for special veteran plates and disability special veteran plates will be available starting next week. Beginning Tuesday, November 13th, those who have veterans plates displaying the red "V" will have to switch to the new plate upon renewal. If you want to switch to the new plate prior to your registration renewal, you can do so for $5.

The new design was chosen because it is easily legible for law enforcement and will cut down on issues such as the “V” on the current veterans’ plate being mistaken as part of the plate number, which can result in motorists being charged a vanity plate fee or receiving toll violation notices by mistake,  according to an article on




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