Sigh. ‘The Tonight Show’ temporarily moves to Los Angeles—Hollywood, Tinsel Town, The Big Grapefruit, only one of those is a real nickname—and is suddenly just flooded with random star power. Zzzzz.

On a recent Jimmy-Fallon-goes-Hollywood-and-never-looks-back episode, the late night host trotted out a particularly star-studded round of beloved game show ‘Password.’ Ellen DeGeneres was there! She and Fallon played against a pair of Oscar nominees (Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell)! It was very, very Hollywood. It was also very, very funny. (Also, it may be a long-ish segment, but it's worth a watch, if only for Carell's hilarious rendition of “Tony Soprano” and Witherspoon's adorable confusion over a variety of hints meant to lead her to “joint.” Give these people Oscars.)

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