Overall, Maine is a very rural state.  As we are often reminded by those who live there, Portland is the state's largest city.  Currently, it has a population that is just over 60,000.  It will probably not be a big surprise that the majority of the state's cities and towns are quite a bit smaller.

But, what is the state's SMALLEST town?

According to Wikipedia, the smallest organized town in the State of Maine is Beddington.

The 2010 census put the Washington County town's population at 50.  It is estimated to be less than that now.

While you can pretty much guarantee living there would be extremely peaceful, there would be one major downside.  If you want to go shopping for anything but the most basic essentials, you're going to need to make a trip to Machias or Ellsworth.

There are a lot of benefits to living there, though.  For example, as it is located in the country's eastern-most county, it is one of the first places in America to see each day's sunrise.

A large portion of the town is made up of blueberry fields and the town’s rivers and lakes are part of the salmon spawning migration.

The 1,479 peak of Lead Mountain is on the north end of town.

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