Even though inflation has drive up the cost of everything, from gas to food, it seems like the cost of a night out is outpacing the normal inflation rate.  But, then again, it has always been like that, hasn’t it?

These days, even a basic “date night” can cost you $100+.  Between the gas for your car (or Uber fare), dinner, drinks, cover charges, tickets to a show or concert, etc.  With movie tickets prices around $12, even a night out to see a movie could cost nearly $50.

We think you deserve an affordable night out with that special person.  We’ve got the inside scoop on how to have a cheap date night.  The only catch is that it needs to happen on a weeknight.

The two Spotlight Cinemas locations in Maine, Skowhegan and Orono, both offer $5 Tuesday nights.  Yes, you can get tickets to any movie on Tuesday night for only five dollars, no matter what your age is.

And, despite the cheap price of the tickets, these are not second run movies.  They are new and current releases.

Find Spotlight Cinemas at The Strand on Court Street in Skowhegan and on Stillwater Avenue in Orono.

Get more details online HERE

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