Will Arnett’s Batman was by far the hilarious standout of The LEGO Movie, and we’re a little less than a month away from seeing his solo movie take off. But it seems another character might be stealing the show from Batman this time: Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, is featured in a new TV spot for The LEGO Batman Movie that shows the Dark Knight might have met his match.

We finally get to see LEGO Barbara suit up not only as Batgirl, but also as Gotham City’s new police commissioner. Barbara’s dream is to team up with Batman, an idea Batman himself doesn’t find all that enticing. But as soon as he sees her in action, me might have to change his mind. She’s voiced by Rosario Dawson, so you know she’s gonna kick some butt. Hopefully she’s not relegated to that trope of overqualified female character who gets overshadowed by the male protagonist — which was really my only complaint about The LEGO Movie — but it seems Barbara Gordon’s got her own motivations to fulfill.

A second TV spot is a kind of roll-call of all the heroes and villains we’ll see in the movie paired with all the actors who voice them. Ralph Fiennes, Zach Galifianakis, and Michael Cera (as Robin, naturally) all lend their voices to the movie (and have a hard time cramming themselves into the one-seater Batmobile). This is also our first footage of Batgirl’s father Jim Gordon, whom we all know as the original commissioner, so something bad might happen to him in order for his daughter to take over his job.

The LEGO Batman Movie hits theaters February 17.

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