Andrew Sims from Freeport took a paddleboard and an ice pick out and set out to free the famous ice disc!


According to the Portland Press Herald, the ice disc...uh, sorry, INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS ice disc got frozen and stuck to the banks of the Presumscot River.

It took him a couple of hours to free the disc, which is now spinning again - counter clockwise. Just like it was when it was first noticed on Monday.

Xtreme Aerial Video took the latest drone video of that disappearing ice disc in Westbrook. Steve Girard does this for a living and he's really good at it!


Adding to the ice disc frenzy, a couple more have popped up including one at Baxter State Park.

According to the Press Herald, Andrew had an audience who didn't really think he could free the giant stuck ice disc:

Watching the liberation mission unfold was Doug Bertlesman, who had a view from his office window at Ethos Marketing. Coworkers crowded around the window to watch. Some thought it was a fool’s errand.


“We were like, ‘This is insane. There was no way he’s going to be able to do this.’ He came at it from two sides and cut it loose. And then he pushed it, he pushed it across the river back to where it was. We’re just laughing. There is no way. What an idiot. And sure enough.”

My sounds like that would have been the exact conversation from my co-workers had we been able to watch Andrew try to get that ice spinning.

But he did it and all is well...well...until the storm on Sunday. We'll all have to wait and see what that storm does to our precious ice disc that put Westbrook on the map...again.


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