The Bangor Public Library is a gorgeous place to visit when you're in the northern part of the state. Behind the massive wood paneled doors and stately architecture lies stacks of storybooks and novels and research for those thirsting for knowledge. Beyond it's many halls of books and quiet nooks for diving into the written word, the library is also home to a slightly creepy piece of presidential memorabilia.

Hannibal Hamlin was an attorney and politician born in Paris, Maine in 1861. He's probably best known for serving as the first Republican in office and President Abraham Lincoln's vice president during his second term. Years after his term as vice president and a stint as a senator and Ambassador, he returned to private life at his home in Bangor, Maine.

On the Fourth of July in 1891, Hannibal Hamlin was playing cards when he collapsed at the Tarratine Club in Bangor. He was placed unconscious on one of the club's couches, where he breathed his final breath.

The couch where Hannibal Hamlin died is now on display at the Bangor Public Library. He was the last one to use the couch, so you can't sit or touch the couch today. But you can see it and photograph it. Creepy? Maybe.

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