If Maine had a bible... what would be in it? If Moses really lived in Maine and came down from Mt. Katahdin with tablets, what would be written on them?

You know... rules were always made to be broken!

Here's what we think!

10) Thou Shalt Not Speaketh Badly About Tourists

They are the lifeblood of our economy!

9) Thou Shalt Always Offer Moxie to Guests

It's just polite. Plus, you can tell how strong someone is! (if they can hold it down or not.)

8)Thou Shalt Not Get Mad at CMP When Thy Powah Goes Out

They're working as hard as they can!

7) Thou Shalt Never Remove Thy Scraper From Thy Vehicle

You never know when you're gonna need it! (Even in June or July... you just never know.)

6) Thou Shalt Always Buy It When Thou See It

This is a life lesson that has been passed down from generation to generation by the Marden's lady.

5) There is Only One Dunkin, and No Dunkin Before It

Dunkin's is one of Maine's holy grails, right up there with Marden's and Allen's.

4) Thou Shalt Always Follow the Rules of the Road

Be considerate, but remember... only suckers and people from Away ever pay the toll to get on 295 in South Portland! (just take the next exit to the mall and get on 295 from there!)

3) Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Moose Lottery Win

This is another hard one. Even though you haven't won in years... don't get mad at Clem who lives in the next trailer because he's won every year since '86.

2) Thou Shalt Thoroughly Clean the Ice & Snow Off of Thy Car

This one's a no-brainer. Just do it! (the cops look for this one too)

TIE for #1) Thou Shalt Not Make Massholes Feel Bad... It's Not Their Fault

Be nice to our brethren from down South... they just haven't realized that Maine is the best place on Earth yet! This is the hardest one to live by. Try though.

And a few bonus Commandments... just in case you needed some more:

Thou Shalt Always Keep S#*% as Simple as Possible

...and always keep calm!

...and Thou Shalt Always Call it Shop 'N Save!

What did we miss? Comment and let us know!

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