The weather this week has been just what I needed. Sunshine and warmth. Even a few flowers starting to come up in my now snow free yard.   I hear we even set records temperatures in Central Maine.

According to the Associated Press, the temperature has climbed high enough to set a couple of records in New England  and to cause melting snow that's contributing to minor flooding.

The AP reports the National Weather Service says the temperature climbed Tuesday to 87 degrees in Concord, New Hampshire, and 78 degrees in Augusta, Maine, both records for the date. The temperature hit 75 in Portland, Maine, coming within 2 degrees of the record. On Monday, Montpelier, Vermont, had a record high of 77 degrees.

AP also reports the warm can cause some issues, Meteorologist Margaret Curtis said the warm weather is creating snowmelt that's contributing to flooding concerns across the region. She said flood warnings were in effect for Maine's Kennebec River with the potential for a couple of feet of water in parking lots along Front Street. (AP)
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