Here's a new way to enjoy Maine's gorgeous beaches -- on horseback in the winter. While some of Maine's beaches are closed to equestrian activities during the busier summer season, they're open to permitted riders during the winter months.

Don't worry, if you don't have your own horse, several area horse farms will lead you on a magical ride along the shores of Maine's beaches, including Pine Point and Popham Beach. It's the perfect way to spend a warm late winter afternoon or a bright, crisp Saturday morning.

Imagine gliding along the crashing waters on your noble steed, taking in Maine's natural beauty. You'll see the ocean from a whole new angle while your horse navigates the soft sandy terrain.

Want to take on a beach ride of your own this winter? These area equines are ready to go.

Flaherty Family Farms will lead you on an hour ride at Pine Point Beach. You can add more time for an extra charge if you'd like. All rides start at the Pine Point Hurd parking area.

Carousel Horse Farm can take groups of four at a time on rides at Pine Point Beach or Popham Beach. They can accommodate your day of choice as long as you ride at low tide.

Be sure to reserve your horseback ride on the beach before the end of March when the beaches close to horses and their riders. Happy adventuring!

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