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NBC’s ‘Siberia’ Trailer: Reality Gets ‘LOST’
A few weeks ago, we heard about a last-minute order for NBC's reality-skewing 'Siberia,' a mysterious new project set for a summer debut in which a reality competition goes horribly awry at the site of the infamous Tunguska Blast of 1908. Just as quickly, NBC has already released the …
'The Bachelor' [Recap]
The greatest love story since Anne Hathaway began her whirlwind romance with orchestrated surprise is complete now that Sean has chosen the woman of his pre-arranged dreams on the finale of 'The Bachelor.'
So, who did he choose -- Catherine or Lindsay?
New Reality Show May Feature Jackman, Maine
I admit it , I like MOST reality TV. This has my attention.  A reality show in Jackman, Maine and it would be kinda, sorta based on “Northern Exposure”.  Remember that show?  It was a TV show about life in a small remote community in Alaska.
'The Bachelor' Recap
Monday's episode of 'The Bachelor' proved a man simply cannot date 11 women without more than just a wee bit of drama. Sorry to shatter your belief system.
The Internet Really Wants to Give Joe Biden a Reality Show
They say politics is becoming more and more like reality television. Now a new petition that's rapidly collecting e-signatures on the White House's We The People webpage wants the Obama administration to go all in on this premise and produce a reality show featuring Vice President Joe…

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