Proof once again that some people really suck. The State Police have caught wind of a new scam that threatens your finances and your challenges your grasp on reality.

There advice to us when the scammers call is, Don’t Say “Yes”. Because they will use that to try and convince you later on that you agreed to a purchase that you did not. Here is how they say the calls go:

  • Scammers are using recordings of a victim’s own voice to try to convince them to send money.
  • When a you/the victim answers the phone, the scammer asks “Can you hear me?” or some other question.
  • Then when the you / the victim answers “yes” the response is recorded and the scammer later uses that recording to try to convince the victim that they have agreed to pay the scammer money.

Here is what you need to know.  According to the police even if you fell for the scam you owe NOTHING. I repeat ,this is important to understand, that just because you hear a recording of your voice saying “yes” it does not mean that you owe anyone money. The debt would only be legitimate if both parties know what is being offered, and agree to the payment for services or goods.

Don’t allow yourself to be persuaded to send ANYONE money, unless you have previously agreed to purchase the goods (or services) and on the price.



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