Even though we are well into the Spring of 2021, winter apparently is not done with us yet!

Over the last few days, we have been hearing that we could get some nasty weather and maybe even some snow by the end of the week.  Well, it looks like it could end up being a little more than just a few snow showers.

According to News Center Maine, it looks like we will definitely be dealing with a Spring Nor'easter over the next couple of days.

While we are starting Thursday off with lots of sun and temps in the mid-50s, it won't last.  The clouds will roll in this afternoon and this evening.

The nasty weather really rolls into our area early tomorrow morning.  Central Maine and most of the mid-coast will probably start seeing rain by 7 AM or 8 AM on Friday morning.

Over the course of several hours, that precipitation will start changing over to snow.  By noon, most of Central Maine should be seeing snow.

While we will see a lot of rain and some snow in Central Maine, Western Maine will see what looks like a return to winter.  There is an actual winter storm warning for all of Oxford and Franklin counties, and for parts of Cumberland County.  That warning will be in effect from late tonight (Thursday) through Saturday morning.

As for snow totals, we could see up to 4" of accumulation in Central Maine and up to 2" of accumulation on the mid-coast.  It is a completely different story for Western Maine...  They could see up to a foot of snow.

The good news is that the nasty weather should be done by early Saturday morning.

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