graduation card

A few weeks ago I was at a High School graduation party and I was surprised by something. The graduate, a straight-A student groaned while opening up her cards, "Oh man, more cursive!" It seems that she learned it back in third grade and hasn't revisited it since. She had a really hard time deciphering her good wishes. Some schools no longer teach cursive, claiming that the keyboard has made it obsolete. My fifth grader had a terrific teacher this year who concentrated on cursive and my daughter is very proud of her beautiful handwriting. She also realizes that not every student learns cursive in school anymore and feels fortunate that her teacher values it. According to neurologist Dr. William Kemp, some reasons to continue teaching kids cursive include: the individual creativity that it builds, the neurological benefits of using higher brain function and the benefit that the connected, fluid letters have for students with dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Has technology made script obsolete, or should Maine students continue learning it in school? Comment on our Fan Page.

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